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Fluttercoin Flutter Coin (FLT)

Scrypt Proof of Work/Proof of Stake Hybrid with Proof-of-Transaction

Earn Flutter Coins through Proof-Of-Work, Proof-Of-Stake, or Proof-Of-Transaction mining.

Butterfly Effect: The phenomenon whereby a minute localized change in a complex system can have large effects elsewhere.

Such is the design of Flutter Coin. Proof-of-Transaction (POT) - a feature only found in Flutter Coin, creates more opportunity for such chaos. For ex- ample, someone sending 1000 FLT to an ecommerce site for 1 widget, could be rewarded 2000 FLT via POT, enabling this person to possibly buy an additional 2 widgets, thus enabling the ecommerce site owner to use the proceeds to buy goods or services from another party, and the ripple effects continue...

Random Proof-Of-Work Mining (POW) Rewards (halving every 262,800 blocks)

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Merchants No
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Website Yes
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Reddit Yes
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CoinGecko Yes

Total 50%
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Information Information

Launched: Sunday, 04 May 2014
Hash Algorithm: SHA-256
Symbol: FLT
Block Time: 120
Scheme: Proof-of-Work

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Extra information Extra information & Specifications

Specifications: Algorithm: Scrypt
PoW Supply: Approximately 200,000,000
PoS Rate: Minimum proof-of-stake interest rate is 5% per coin year
PoS Maturity Time: Minimum 30 days, Maximum 90 days
PoT Minimum Transaction Size: 1 FLT
PoT Occurence: 80%
PoT Rewards: 0.5 FLT/block (5% of the PoW reward)
Block Rewards: Static reward 10 FLT
Community Github: https://github.com/ofeefee/fluttercoin

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